Bont Cycling Industry Purchase Program Terms and Conditions

1. The Bont Cycling Industry Purchase Program offers full-time employees working in the cycling industry and approved employees working in the outdoor sports industry to purchase Bont Cycling products at discounted rates. Approval is at the sole discretion of Bont Cycling. All orders are reviewed and are always subject to Bont Cycling approval.

2. Any discounts offered as for personal use only and cannot be used to purchase products for other people or with the intention of resale. The discount is not transferable to anyone else. In short, treat this discount with the respect it deserves. If you truly believe a friend, family member or fellow cyclist is worthy of such a discount, politely ask them to apply for their own discount.

3. Bont Cycling reserves the right to manage membership at its discretion, and terminate access to the Industry Purchase Program for any reason. If in doubt, refer to number. 2 above.

4. Access to the Program is only valid via Bont Cycling online stores. Unfortunately it is not available through Bont Cycling distributors or retailers. Bont Cycling recommend getting in touch with a local country distributor where possible. Unsure if a distributor exists for your country? Find one here:

5. The Industry Purchase Program discount is automatically applied to the checkout when the approved applicant is logged into their respective regional online store. The discount cannot be combined with any other promotional discounts or offers and is not available on sale products, bundles or gift vouchers. Please note, all "Li2" models are currently excluded from the program discount due to demand.

6. If you depart from your approved workplace, your membership will expire and you'll need to reapply from your current place of employment.

7. Bont Cycling Industry Purchase Program purchases are not eligible for free shipping. All purchases must be shipped to your place of work or the account billing address.

8. The 2021-2022 Bont Cycling Industry Purchase Program will expire on 1 November, 2022 at which point all Program members will be requested to apply again.

9. The Bont Cycling Industry Purchase discount is subject to the following limitations. The IPP discount will expire after 20 usages within a 12-month period, or if it exceeds the following monetary values, (as listed below), whichever is first in any one year:

USD – 2,500
GBP – 2,000
AUD – 3,400
EUR – 2,300

If you have any questions or queries regarding Bont Cycling's Industry Purchase Program please email them to: